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Month: May, 2012

Dunks ain’t gonna win games

“is the clippers looking good? do blake griffin needs to do more than dunking?”


Blake Griffin is one hell of a player his athleticism is off the chart but Mr. Griffin really need to work on Defense if they want to extend their post-season run. I am not saying he is not a defensive player but he needs to focus on that more, besides they are lucky to have chris paul to orchestrate their offense. Griffin needs to work on his post skills and perimeter shooting. 6’10 Lebron James? hahaha not bad right? well I am looking at the clippers to be dominant next season, if they sign chris paul to an extension and nick young and deandre jordan developed to be a more complete player and the major factor is Blake Griffin upgrade his Defense. it is going to be one hell of a 2013 season?



” some of the kobe fans is going to hate for me this”Image

here it goes, let’s go to the wild wild west, in this conference this is like a slot machine you’ll never know, what might happen, because the amount of talent the teams in the west have, but in this article let’s focus on the lakers. well everybody says that kobe don’t like to pass the rock, okay first the offense of the lakers focuses on kobe bryant, that’s a no brainer but for able to the lakers to win, Coach Brown and Kobe need to utilize Andrew Bynum. To tell you the truth kobe, bynum is the main ingredient for your 6th ring and add a little dash of ramon sessions and keep pau gasol on the side dish and it is going to be one hell of a meal, with all the Dwight Drama, Bynum is beginning to be one of the dominant center in the NBA, and he showed it last night against the nuggets, but still i think this one of the best matchup for the lakers, the nuggets need to only let lawson and faried play on a high level to match kobe and co. But the truth is kobe needs bynum to get his 6th ring.