Really OKC 3-1 ??? Really ??!!!

by superhypericson

“NBA Finals, just make me WOW!”



Just WOW! Oklahoma City beating the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs to of the top team in the Western Conference fell to Durant-Westbrook and Co. and now they are having a hard time with miam heat, who rely on their 3 best player, no depth at the center position, point guard and no reliable scoring options off the bench just wow this just really annoying. Boston vs Miami is more exciting to watch than today’s NBA Finals. 

Well honestly Lebron James will finally have his first ring and first championship so in advance congratulations Lebron (coming from a bulls fan). 



Now for OKC here comes the blame game, who is it to blame? Kevin Durant not getting enough touches, James Harden poor plays? or Rusell Westbrook’s ball hogging game, I cannot conclude to this one yet after Game 5 this Thursday. Concluding this article NBA Finals is just not really that exciting this Season.