Royalty for SALE!

by superhypericson

“Royalty is just 29.99 GBP”


So you want to be called a Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness? Now is your chance Principilaty of Sealand is selling that title for you and it is a legitimate title you can enjoy for the rest of your life!

But wait what is this Principality of Sealand? What kind of place is this? Where the hell is this? this are the question lingering your scumbag brain right now so off to my story. Sealand is a micronation. what the FUUUUUU!!!?? is a micronation you say ? Micronations are small countries which is not recognize by the U.N. or other Government in the world, I think your scumbag brain processed that, so going back to this Sealand place. Sealand is a port 13 kilometers away from the United Kingdom and has a liveable place 6,000 sq ft near the shore of South England, so it makes sense to you now. you want to see the place okei.


this is sealand port of course, not impress right.


besides water you also have a land to put your house, now did sealand got your attention?



you have your own currency!  I don’t know what is the exchange rate don’t ask!?


 you have your coat of arms, but i don’t think you have an army but that’s not important you’re within European territory

you also have a legitimate flag neat ! Sealand got your attention yet?


so how about a sports team, if your a football fan you have something to cheer for because you have your own football team.

and for 25 GBP you have your own sealand national I.D.

 and that’s it.