Ringless No More!

by superhypericson

“The drama has ended with a RING on his finger!”

Finally Lebron James got his first NBA Championship and NBA Finals MVP, a dominating win by the Miami Heat led by Lebron James racking up 26 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds, Lebron earned his way into the ranks of the elites and finally adding NBA champion and Finals MVP in his resume. Coming from a bulls fan congratulations Miami Heat and Lebron James.

Miami Celebrates as Bill Russell hands Lebron his MVP Trophy

What’s next for the thunder? Kevin Durant gave a stellar performance against the Miami Heat which he earn his place to be back in the NBA Finals next season so what went wrong thunder? Russell Westbrook’s ball hogging game or James Harden disappearing in the NBA Finals. Experience in the NBA finals, is what OKC is missing maturity and experience. Maybe next season Durant and Company could probably have their championship but this time it belongs to the Miami Heat.


We all know the Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls are one big threat to Lebron James’ title hopes, What if the Rose and the bulls are healthy could it be a difference maker for the NBA Finals. Derrick Rose has been bugged by injury all through out the Lockout Season and ending his season with a Tear ACL in the playoffs and crushing Chicago’s championship hopes down the drain. If Derrick Rose is healthy he could give Miami Heat a real hard time going to that NBA Finals but we will see this coming season if Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls can turn the tides down and shifting the momentum back on Chicago.